The Son Shines (Acoustic) (Official Video)
A New Start (Acoustic) (Official Video)
Man Woman Formula (Acoustic) (Official Video)


No live performances  scheduled currently...  Please check back after the planetary reset...
                                                     Thanks, Haworth        Peace Out  X
Original Rock Star Live at Kendal Mountain Festival 2019


Life, Love, Happinesses, Losses, Family, Relationships...


the World turns...

It happens to all of us, sometimes all at once.  I hope my songs reach across the gap and make their way from me to you: my experiences sung into words, woven into songs and shared for you to take with you on your journey if you want to.

Photo By: Steve Barnes

"Haworth's blend of delicate and powerful vocals combined with his post indie poetry establish 
him as one of the most articulate and acute songsmiths of the moment...  These are songs that I've never heard before but I feel I know them well already."



LABEL | Just Like A Bear Records

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